Persia Profil Persia Profil Persia Profil Coating for PVC Profils

Persia Profil

Coating for PVC Profils

Persia Profil Persia Profil Persia Profil Persia Profil

Persia Profil

Coating for PVC Profils

Persia Profil Persia Profil Persia Profil Persia Profil

Persia Profil

Coating for PVC Profils


About us
we are a science-led global healthcare company on a mission: we want to help people do more, feel better, live longer. 
Today there are still millions of people without access to basic healthcare, thousands of diseases without adequate treatments and millions more people who suffer from everyday ailments. At GSK we want to change this.


  • Zowo-plast
    - Individual color tone diversity for PVC
    - Stands for dingle-layered coatings
  • Advantage

    - Also take advantage of the diverse benefits of coating compared to alternative coloring methods
    - Coating
    - Unlimited
    - Easy to realize also for small window manufactures
    - High – feasible starting from batch size 1
    - Low – low investment, energy, warehousing & material costs, short setup times, low start-up lossess
  • Offers
    - Coating of hanging and lying objects
    - High layer build-up in one step
    - Just one base coat for every color tone
    - One product for all kinds of applications
    - Completely water-based system  including cleaner
    - proven in extreme climate zones, including
      Australia, Mexico, the Middle East,  Siberia, USA
    - Easy to clean
    - can be easily painted over
    - ZOBEL ANTI-HEAT for dimensionally stable  building components
    - Cost and flexibility benefits compared to alternative coloring methods
    - Tested safety
  • Coating system
    - Single-layer System for Solid Colors
    - Fast and excellent adhesion
    - Good flow
    - High scratch resistance
    - High elasticity
    - Outstanding hardness and excellent abrasion resistance
    - Excellent weather resistance
    - Excellent covering properties
    - Resistance against household chemicals
    - Low consumption – easy and time saving processing
    Coating system
  • Cleaner
    Zowo-plast® 1120
    Solid Color Tones
    Zowo-plast® 1450
    1C-PUR PVC Single-Layer Coating
    Zowo-plast® 1490
    1C-PUR PVC-Single-Layer-Textured Coating
    Metalic Color Tone
    Zowo-plast® 1480
    1C-PUR PVC-Metallic-Single-Layer Coating
    Zowo-plast® 1491
    1C-PUR PVC-Metallic-Single-Layer-Textured Coating
    Product Overview
  • Generation 2.0

    the development of an NMP-free second generation of the Zowo-plast coating system – Generation 2.0 – was sponsored by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature conservation and Nuclear Safety as part of the climate protection initiative.

    You benefit:

    -          ultra green

    -          contains no NMP/NEP

    -          ultra hard surface

    Generation 2.0
  • ZOBEL Color Mixing System

    For unlimited color tone availability

    The concept

    -          using ZOBEL tinting  pastes to color a base coating

    Your benefits:

    -          fast uncomplicated mixing of color tones

    -          no dependence on delivery times

    -          color tones can be reproduced  at all times

    -          short mixing times

    -          reduced inventories

    This means for you

    -          highest readiness to deliver

    -          optimized project handing

    -          processing security

    -          reduced costs


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